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Low Hanging Fruit is a virtual consulting company that provides hospitals with reviews, analysis, and reporting on the financial effects of the daily buying decisions of the hospital and their physicians. This is the first product of its kind and offers a communication link between hospitals and surgeons in terms tailored to be understood and engaging for each respective user. In a health care market plagued by decreasing reimbursement, increasing costs, and growing uncertainty about the future, this product is timely and offers hospitals a helping hand in capturing the greatest potential profits in key perioperative service lines.

Health care now represents 17-18% of GDP in this country. The sustainability of our system is in question. Health care providers (hospitals, physicians, etc.) should not expect more and more reimbursement dollars to come their way even though demand for services will rise.

If you believe these statements are true, please talk to Low Hanging Fruit. We provide meaningful information for health care decision makers, delivered virtually, in an understandable format, updated to the minute, and available 24/7.